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PE Team Games - 21 sport activities for grades 3-6

PE Team Games - 21 sport activities for grades 3-6


21 exciting team PE games to develop your classes' key • Striking • Moving • Bouncing • Throwing & Catching • Kicking • skills


The new Grade 3-6 PE Team Games pack - developed after years of trying and testing with loads of schools, these are the best of the best games - Not only will your class get so excited for their next PE lesson, but they'll have the chance to develop their teamwork, co-operation and leadership skills.



- Are you looking for some refreshing activities to run with your students to get them excited for sport? Are you clueless when it comes to teaching Physical Education? Do you need some new ways to develop their sport skills? We've made it EASIER THAN EVER before to teach PE!


1. 21 Engaging and challenging team games

Each game is played in a unique and thrilling way, giving your students the opportunity to explore their fundamental sport abilities. Variations are also given for each game, so you (the teacher) can easily adapt, change, and challenge for your class with NO LESSON PREP needed. The lesson plans are great for large or small classes and so simple to follow and read, complete with diagrams, set up instructions, gameplay and variations to try - and they also read great straight off the iPad/tablet.


The games:

• battleships • capture the egg • corner ball • crab football • dash for safety • diamond strike • end ball • flying saucers • frisbee flingers • guard the gates • heist the treasure • hit and run • hurley burley • kick it • poison ball • reverse soccer • rob the nest • slide sling save • speed run relay • survivor dodgeball • the perfect pass •


2. 'How to play' videos

You'll also be equipped with a 2-3 minute 'How to play' video for each game - Simply play the video to your class before the lesson - the video explains to them how to set up and play the game with the basic rules - that's even less work on your part. You can even choose 2-3 kids to prepare and setup the equipment needed, and select leaders to organise the teams...


› Teaching PE and sport has never been this simple!


(*Note: Each game page has a clickable link that will take you to a private YouTube link where you can play the videos to the class - you'll also receive easy instructions with a 'Dropbox' link which contains the videos to download)


*Bonus printable skill posters

› 4 printable skill POSTERS perfect for your classroom as A3 or A4


This pack is PERFECT for you if you are looking to build your practical knowledge and create an opportunity for your kids to play sport through FUN, CHALLENGING, REWARDING and tried and tested activities.


Your class will have so much fun, while achieving essential social, physical and psychological outcomes - and the games with variations can be used term after term, year after year, to develop your students' sporting ability! Share it with your co-workers and boost your school sports program.


What some teachers have said about this pack:

› "This resource is very easy to use and really supports a teacher that may not feel comfortable with teaching their own gym"

› "A great resource!!! Easy to follow games and providing fun for the students. Exactly what I was always looking for! Thank you!!!"