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Grade 3-6 P.E

Warm ups

Pair skill stations

Soccer skills

Basketball skills 

Volleyball skills

 Gross-motor circuits

 Learn Math through sport

› Your grade 3-6's should begin to start putting the fundamentals into practice. Use team games, pair work, and sport-specific activities to develop and progress their skills across a variety of activities.

They should also begin to demonstrate the understanding of the different rules required for the different sports.

Click on a pack below to view some awesome whole-class warm-ups, team games and sport-specific lesson ideas ›››

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These 8 fun warm-up games are a fantastic way to get your sport specific classes started, and are so easy to set up and play

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Split your students into pairs and have them work at these self-running stations to co-operate or compete the tasks (with how-to-play' videos)

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Learn how to teach the key soccer skills in your lessons: passing, controlling, dribbling, shooting & skills

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You don't need to be a pro basketball, you just need to know how to TEACH the core coaching points for: dribbling, passing & shooting


Teach the volleyball fundamentals in your sports hall or out on the field with a net: digging, setting, spiking and serving

Gross-motor movement circuits

Have your class work through these continuous fitness and movement circuits

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