Figure of 8 around the cones  Touch your nose to the ball  Flick up a bean bag to catch

Jump the noodle  Underarm throw & catch on 1 leg  Catch the falling cones

For healthy physical bodies, agility, balance, and co-ordination (ABC’s) are 3 fundamental abilities that need to be developed. This 1-hour lesson plan includes a range of activities taken from the ‘Agility, Balance, and Co-ordination fundamentals’ pack, which has over 60 different tasks.

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(click to view the 'Agility, Balance & Co-ordination fundamentals' pack)

Follow and adapt the lesson plan below and get your students challenging themselves and establishing building blocks for sport:

  1. Play a quick warm up game – 5mins (some ideas here)

  2. Students work individually on the first 3 activities with their own equipment – 5-10mins each

  3. Students work in pairs for the next 2 activities – 5-10mins each

  4. The whole class plays the last activity – 5-10mins


› Put the 2 tall cones about 3-4m apart

› Facing forwards, move side-to-side in and out of the cones in a figur​e of 8

› Complete 10 laps

     - Then do the same while holding a basketball


› Balance the ball on the tall cone

1. Stand in front of the tall cone and lean over on 1 leg

2. Touch the ball with your nose without knocking it off, and without falling over

     - Complete 7 times on each leg (right/left)


1. Put the bean bag on your foot

2. Quickly flick it up in the air

3. Catch it with 1 hand

     - Try to complete:

          - 10 times from your right foot

          - 10 times from your left foot 


› 1 player holds the foam noodle

1. The player with the noodle swipes the noodle left...right...left...right...low on the ground

2. Their partner must try to jump over the noodle without touching it

3. Complete 10 jumps, then switch turns


› Players face each other about 2-3m apart, each standing on a spot marker

1. ​Throw the bean bag underarm to your partner

2. Catch it in your cone with 1 hand

3. Both of you must throw and catch the bean bag while balancing on 1 leg (on the spot marker)

     - Complete 10 throws & catches on each leg


› The teacher stands on a box or bench holding a big pile of cones

› The class stand all around the teacher

1. The teacher throws/flings the cones out into the air all around
2. Students try to catch them before they hit the ground

     - If you catch a cone, hold onto it and try to catch more
3. Once all the cones have been thrown, count up how many you caught (1 point each cone)

› Give points for different coloured cones (e.g pink = 1 point, red = 2 points, blue = 5, yellow = 10)
› Or, instead of catching, students must dodge the cones (if you get hit, you are out)

What’s next…? These are only 6 of 60+ ABC tasks and activities, available as a downloadable resource pack now. In the pack you’ll be totally prepared to guide your students through the fundamentals abilities needed for physical development:

Beginning to teach P.E fundamentals has never been easier with these dynamic and energising ideas, click to check them out now ›››

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