These 5 warm-up games are a fantastic way to get your physical education started – so easy to set up and play, your kids will never want to skip a PE class again! Let us know your favourites.

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› Using the cones, split the playing area into 3 sections 

› Divide class into 2 teams - 1 at each end section (leave middle)

› Put out the bean bags in the middle section

1. On “GO”, teams bring as many items back to their side/section

    - you can run into the other teams’ section, and pick up 1 object

2. Bring it back and put it in your side (but you cannot throw)

3. After 2-3 minutes, the teacher calls out “STOP” › the team with the most bean bags in their side wins

4. Play multiple rounds

› Change the way you must carry the items:

    - Balancing the bean bag on your head

    - (using balls) › Jump with the ball between your legs  


› Spread out lots of cones around the playing area (at least 15)

    - Put some upright › they are ‘volcanoes’

    - And put some upside down › they are ‘ice-cream cones’ 

› Divide the class into 2 teams - one team are ‘volcanoes’

    - the other team are ‘ice-creams’  

1. On “GO”, players run around and turn over as many cones as possible, as assigned to their team cone type

2. Keep going, turning over as many as you can

3. After 2-3 minutes, when the teacher blows the whistle, all players must stop and put their hands on their head

4. The team with the most cones in the correct position wins

5. Play multiple rounds, switching sides: volcanoes <> ice-creams

    - You are not allowed to block others from getting to a cone

    - You can only turn 1 cone at a time, then move onto another   


› Layout a large circle of cones

› Choose 3-5 kids to stand in the middle of the circle

› The rest of the class stand around the outside of the circle with balls

1. Players on the outside throw the balls to try and hit the people in the middle, below the knees

   › Players in the middle try to dodge the incoming balls

2. If players in the middle are hit, they're out and join the outside of the circle

3. The last player to survive in the middle wins

4. Play a new round with different people in the middle

› Change the ball action in:

    - Rolling on the ground

    - Kick the balls in

    - Left or right hand only


› Spread the 5 mats (’icebergs’) all around the playing area (if you don’t have mats, you can use hoops)

› Have everyone find their own space around the hall

1. Kids run around the area, staying off the mats

2. After 30 seconds to 1 minute, the teacher calls out a number between 1-10

3. Kids must quickly sit on a mat in a group of that number

    - e.g teacher calls out “4”, kids must sit in 4’s, no more, no less

4. After 10 seconds, if not on a mat, you must do a challenge, for example:

        - 10 star-jumps

        - 5 push ups

        - run on the spot for 20 seconds

        - 10 sit-ups

        - 7 burpees 


› Mark 2 end zones at opposite sides of a large playing area

› Also mark a line of cones halfway in between

› Split the class into 2 teams - 'Crocodiles', and 'kangaroos'

› Have the teams line up against each other at a halfway line, facing a player from the other team

1. Teacher calls out either "kangaroos" or "crocodiles"

2. If your team is called, you must turn and run to your end zone

    - But the other team tries to tag you before you get to your side

3. The winner of that round gets 1 point:

    - If you tagged the other player | Or if you escaped without getting tagged

4. Play multiple rounds

1. Have the players wait at the halfway line in different ways:

    - Laying down, nose touching the floor

    - Balance on 1 leg, hand over eyes

    - On all 4's, hands and feet touching the ground

2. Instead of tagging, each player tucks a bib into their shorts to hang like a tail, and players must pull out the tail (to tag)

3. If you get tagged, you sit out (elimination)

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