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PE Games + Skill Stations: 50 fun sport activities for pairs to play - Grade 3-6

PE Games + Skill Stations: 50 fun sport activities for pairs to play - Grade 3-6


› 50 PE & gym skill stations - Pairs develop the key sport skills for basketball, soccer, baseball, hockey, American football and more through these fun games and challenging activities


The Co-operate & Compete Pair Stations PE pack has 50 of the best stations for you to set up and run at your school gym or field, developed by experienced elementary PE teachers! It's great to start using at any time of the year, and perfect for grades 3-6.


Set up the stations and pair up the students - In some activities they play against each other, and in others they'll need to work together - Get high scores and set new records! After 4-5 minutes, everyone rotates around to the next sport skill station.


1. 50 PE skill stations

You'll be fully equipped with 50 easy to set up stations, with clear instructions on how to run each activity. There are 10 activities for each skill element, for:

• Striking (hockey, tennis, baseball)

• Moving (running, dodging, jump, balancing)

• Bouncing (basketball, handball)

• Throwing & Catching (baseball, American football...)

• Kicking (soccer)


2. Printable station cards

You're also provided with a file with all the stations individually, and also layed out in a way that you can print out, fold in half, then laminate to last a long time. You can then put the station cards on the wall, or on a cone at the station you setup, so kids know exactly what to do.


PE teaching has never been this easy! These activities are going to help turn your kids into budding sport stars, whilst developing your confidence in teaching amazing PE lessons.