Give your class the opportunity to improve on their basketball skills – You don’t need to be the pro yourself as the teacher, you just need to know the core coaching points when starting out (for grades 3-6).

Take a look at the fundamental skills with videos below, (part of the Basketball PE lessons pack) – and teach them in your next gym class when working on basketball. If you need an example basketball lesson, click here to see an easy to follow 1-hour example lesson.


Bouncing the ball with 1 hand as you move forward and around the court

  1. Use your fingertips to bounce the ball

  2. Stay low by bending your knees as you move

  3. Try to keep your head up as much as you can

  4. Keep your hand above/on top of the ball while bouncing it

  5. Use your body to shield/protect the ball when defenders are trying to steal it from you

  •  You are not allowed to bounce the ball, catch it, then bounce again

  • You must bounce the ball within every 1 and a half steps

Bouncing the ball across your body from one hand to the other

  1. Bounce the ball across your body from left…to right…to left in a ‘v’ motion of the ball

  2. Move/rock your body as the ball moves side to side, staying low with your head up


Moving the ball around the court by throwing it to your team-mates


​There are many different passing variations to get your students to practice you can get your students:

(Chest passing)​

1. Hold the ball with 2 hands in front of your chest

    - stick your elbows out to the side like 'chicken wings'

2. Step forward and push the ball to your target

    - once you have let go, point your fingers to where you are passing to

(Bounce passing)​ - similar to a chest pass

  • Bounce the ball on the ground to your teammate (can be 1 or 2 handed) 

(Push passing)​

1. Hold the ball to the side of you

    - have 1 hand behind the ball (power hand), and the other hand on the side of the ball as a guide

2. Step and push the ball with your power hand to your target

(Overhead throw)​

  • Hold the ball above your head and throw it with 2 hands 


Getting the ball into the hoop from further away

Shooting correctly can get too technical, especially for a teacher who doesn't play! It's best for the

› Lower grade (K-3) focus: Pushing the ball high into the air, using both their legs and arms to get the power.

› High grade (3-6) focus: Use 1 hand as a power hand to help push the ball high and straight ahead into the net 

  1. Face the net with your feet shoulder width apart, holding the ball with your strong hand under it, and support the ball with your other hand on the side 

  2. Lift the ball up in front of your head, making an L-shape with your elbow/strong arm

  3. Use your whole body to push the ball, straighten out your elbow and release the ball off your wrist to get backspin with the ball

  4. (tips)

  5. Hold the ball with spread fingers, and snap your wrist as you release the ball to get backspin

  6. You can aim to shoot the ball off the backboard and into the basket

  7. Try to shoot in a high arc towards the basket


Shooting with 1 hand nearer the basket and leaping to get it in

(opposite for left hand from left side of basket)

1. Dribble towards the basket from the right side and leap up off your left leg with a high right knee, and grab the ball with both hands

2. While in the air, roll/release the ball off your right hand with your fingers to bounce it off the backboard into the basket


› You are allowed to take 2 steps after you have stopped dribbling, to shoot a layup

› Jump off your foot opposite to your shooting hand

› Try to stay upright and balanced in the air

› Aim for the sweetspot (top corner) of the square on the backboard

Different ways to develop control and handling of the ball


Your kids can never get enough ball handling practice - there are so many exciting and challenging ways they can practice on their own in the playground, or as a warmup before your P.E lesson. Watch the videos below for some fun ideas ›››

You don’t need to know it all about basketball. Start with the key teaching points I've given you to jump-start your sport lesson. If you need some AWESOME, no-prep lesson plans, check out my downloadable lesson resources where you'll be all set with games, drills, skills, and tons of different activities to improve your students' gross-motor and fundamental sport skills through basketball ›››


› Over 30 of the best bouncing skills, games, drills and activities, to get your class started on the fundamentals of basketball

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