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kindergarten sport pe physical education athletics lesson school games kids
kindergarten pe physical education sport lesson plans elementary preschool grade 1
kindergarten sport pe physical education athletics lesson school games kids
kindergarten sport pe physical education athletics lesson school games kids

As a physical education teacher and parent, I know that kindergarten is a crucial age for physical fitness and development. That's why I've created this section devoted entirely to kindergarten PE skills, to help lay a strong foundation of motor skill abilities, and give your children the best start in their sporting journeys...

kindergarten sport lessons elementary pe physical education soccer football baseball tennis basketball hockey

Head over to the gymnasium, park, or school playground, and follow along with me and EJ as we use simple equipment to develop balance, hand-eye co-ordination, and spatial awareness!

warm up pe physical education sport lessons teaching elementary kindergarten preschool

In this lesson, me and Elijah take you through a simple warm up routine to get your bodies ready to play sport. Warming up helps your body get ready to jump higher, reach wider, and run faster in your sport exercises!


In this lesson we go over hopping, jumping, leaping, shuffling and sprinting using cones and spot markers


In this lesson we try out some different footwork patterns to move swiftly using an agility ladder, developing speed and balance


In this lesson we begin to learn how to bounce and dribble a basketball with control


In this lesson we practice some soccer skills to improve ball control, foot co-ordination, and stability with both feet


In this lesson, I've setup a fast-paced circuit to go through, using cones, markers and poles, to practice the gross motor movement skills 

soccer football skills kids pe games lessons elementary teaching physical education sport

In this lesson we go through ideas to learn and develop striking a soccer ball

stretch stretching pe physical education sport school teaching warming up lesson plans

In this session, me and Elijah take you through a simple stretching routine to use after sport. Stretching helps to make your muscles more flexible so you can reach wider, step further, and help prevent against injuries. Hold each stretch for around 10-15 seconds...

Be sure to check back on this page as we record new lessons every week! You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay in the loop with the latest sessions...


Don't forget now to take a look at this elementary teachers favourite resource:

Complete Kindergarten (K-2) PE Sport Skills and Games pack ›››

kindergarten sport pe elementary school physic education soccer basketball tennis baseball football

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You’ll feel confident to teach all these skills to your students, even if you’ve never done them yourself! Everything is ready to go, no prep or planning and searching, meaning you can choose a lesson plan or game and setup it up straight off the iPad at your gym or sports field. You can also assess the students with a simple rationale to follow, perfect for your report writing!

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