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 Wide & narrow  Frog jumps  Hip twists  Tip-toe balancing

Agility ladders are great to develop your students’ footwork, speed, control & co-ordination, and an awesome opportunity for them to practice movement patterns that are used across a multitude of different sports.

You can incorporate the patterns within fitness circuits, relay races, or warm up games etc... and set them up using either:

Sports ladder

Line markers


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› Using only 1 foot, hop into the square, then hop to the other side of the square, then back in:


› Keeping your knees and feet together, bounce on your toes going sideways in each square:


› Step into the square with your right foot, then left, then step to the next, right then left:


› Keeping your knees and feet together, jump into the square with both feet, then back out:


› Step into the square right foot, then left foot, then step out again right-left:


› Jump wide with both feet outside the square, then jump into it with both feet together:


› Start with both of your hands and feet in the square, then jump/leap over a square:


› Start with 1 foot in the square and 1 foot out, then jump to switch feet (other foot in/out):


› Tip-toe along the ladder without touching the ground - At halfway, switch to then walk backwards:

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