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It’s not easy to find active-learning PE games that incorporate the core math standards. That’s why I’ve created ‘Learn Math through sport’ resource packs (for grades 3 & 4) to help you not only deliver PE, but to use math principles to help enforce and bring relevance to what you have been teaching your students through the year!

Below is the ‘Shuttle divisions’ game, its 1 game (out of 5) you can setup and teach your students. Watch the ‘how-to-play’ video with your class, then have them play this division & multiplication activity which has them using using mental arithmetic with quick reaction skills.

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› Divide the class into 4-5 teams

› Each team needs to line up behind a starting cone at one end of the playing area

› Out far ahead in the playing area, put out the 10 tall cones randomly around

   - Each tall cone needs a number sheet (1-10) stuck onto it 


› Students run to the correct numbered cone and back, after the teacher calls out a question

1. The teacher calls out a division question (e.g "45÷9" or "70÷7"...)

2. The first player in each team must work out the answer and then run around the correct cone and 

    back to their team as quickly as possible

For example:

   - The teacher calls "56÷8"

   - Then the players must run around the #7 cone and then run back

3. *Teams can count up points for that round, e.g:

   - The kid who runs back 1st gets 20 points

   - 2nd place gets 15 points

   - 3rd place ges 10 points

   - 4th place gets 5 points...

*Note: The point scoring is optional if the students enjoy the competitive side

4. Progression

› After a few rounds, now instead of division, the teacher calls out just an answer of multiples

   - e.g "32" or "63"

› Students have to then run and touch 2 cones with numbers that multiply to make the sum

For example:

   - The teacher calls out "27"

   - You must then run out and touch cone #3 and cone #9 (because 3x9=27)

   - Run back to your team


› Each time you play this activity, you can change the way students have to get around the cones and back, using sport-specific equipment. So instead of running, they...

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You and your class will love this exciting activity. Make sure you check out the whole digital pack (Grade 3Grade 4), which has 5 unique math-based PE games, complete with in-class worksheets and online videos.

Integrate math common core into your sport lessons with these engaging activities to help your students apply and practice their  multiplication  division  shapes  fractions  time  & data collection.

› Click to check them out now ›››

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