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These 11 circuit tasks are fantastic for any P.E session and grade level, and can be setup out on the field or in the gym. Watch the 'how-to-do' instructional video below, then have your students learn, practice, and compete in these fundamental movement patterns needed for many sports!


You can use similar movement patterns with different equipment you have available at school, and make sure you get the students to help setup! You can also download the free .pdf file here with the tasks, which includes the printable cards for each task that you can place on a cone at each station. 

› Pick and choose any or all of the tasks below, and add in some of your own as well

› Divide the class into 2-3 groups

    - Setup the same circuit for each group

       - Or layout 2 different circuits, and after 10 minutes, have the groups switch

› Watch the video where the circuit is explained, then demonstrate to the class (you can use a student)

       - Encourage the students not to rushthrough the exercises 

› Print out the circuit cards and put them at each task

set orange.png
game orange.png

› Have students complete the tasks in their groups:

› The 1st player in the group starts. Once they reach the 2nd activity, the next player in the line can then begin 

    - Either give a time limit(e.g 10 mins) to complete as many rounds through as a group

    - or – Have a speed run, where it’s the 1stgroup to all complete the circuits 3 times

1 Tee runs.png

1. Run to the middle cone, then shuffle sideways to touch the          left cone, then the right cone

2. Shuffle back to the middle cone and back pedal

    (run backwards) to touch the starting cone

3. Sprint forwards to the next task

2 squat jumps.png

› Perform 5 squat jumps on the spot

    - Bend down and keep your back straight

    - Jump explosively straight up into the air

    - Land back on both feet

3 side figure 8.png

Side-shuffle in and out of the cones, in a ‘figure of 8’ formation

› Stay low with your knees bent

› Complete it twice

4 hoop hops.png

› Run up and hop from hoop to hoop

5 rope tip toe.png

› Carefully balance and tip-toe along the line/rope, without    touching the ground

    - Use your arms to help you balance

6 hurdle jumps.png

1. Take a run up towards the hurdle

2.Leap/jump over it as far as you can

3. Land safely with both feet

7 in & out.png

› Stand in the middle of the hoop

Jump with both feet out of the hoop, then back in:

    - In front...left…behind…right… 

8 wide & narrow.png

1. Jump forward wide with both feet, landing on the outsides of       the square

2. Jump to the next square, landing with both feet narrow                  together in the middle 

3. Keep going to the end

9 backward weave.png

› Turn around to run backwards, weaving in and out around the


    - Look over your shoulder as you move

10 quarter turns.png

Jump from marker to marker

› But each time you jump, turn a quarter to your right

    - Swing your arms to help you turn 

11 pole weave.png

1.Jump over the crossed poles and back 3 times

2. Sprint to weave in and out of the poles without touching them

    - Stay low and keep your head up as you weave 

Hopefully you and your class love these circuits.The ideas/tasks were taken from some of my lesson units and resources, available from my online store. Check them out if your looking for easy-to-teach, complete activities for elementary grade teachers and students! Click to view them below ›››

Thumb 1.jpg
relay sq1.jpg
Station th1.jpg
ABC thumb 1.jpg
Bundle SPORT SPECIFIC thumb 1.jpg
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