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These self-running PE stations are awesome for your class to rotate around. Students work in groups of 2, and in some of the activities they play against each other, and in others they’ll need to work together – Here's 6 station activities (striking, moving, bouncing, throwing & catching, kicking) to try below, part of the Grade 3-6 PE Skill Stations pack. 

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1. Set up the stations below (you can choose students to help), with enough equipment for the class

2. Explain and go through each station to the class

3. Get the class into pairs, and put an equal amount of pairs at each station ›

    - (e.g 24 students = 12 pairs = 2 pairs at each station)

4. Allow 5-6 minutes for the kids to complete the tasks

5. Blow your whistle – kids reset the stations and move to the next activity

6. Keep going until each group has been around all the stations


› Make wavy tunnelled paths about 10m long

1. One at a time, hit the ball in the air whilst walking through the tunnel

2. On your next go, bounce it on the ground through

3. Keep alternating each go: hit in air, bounce on ground...


› Make goals with the tall cones, facing each other, and the players start in the push up position

1. Try to slide the bean bag into the other players' goal

    › You must stay in the push up/front support position 

2. If someone scores, they get 1 point

    › (you can both have a 10 seconds rest!)


› Put out the hoops randomly spaced around

1. Work as a pair to bounce pass the ball into the hoop to your partner

2. Once you have passed, your partner then dribbles to another hoop

3. You must pass through a different hoop each time

    › Count the number of passes (1 point per pass)


› 1 player stands at the wall with a hoop, the other stands at a cone 6-7m away with a ball

1. The player stands side on at the wall and throws the hoop up in the air

2. The player at the cone then tries to throw the ball through the hoop in the air

    › You get 1 point if you throw the ball through the hoop while it is in the air

3. After 5 throws, switch rolls: hoop thrower <> ball thrower


› Pairs stand in front of a wall with a tennis ball

1. Throw the ball off the wall for your partner to catch it using 1 hand

2. Count how many times you successfully throw and catch the ball without dropping it

› Explore different ways of throwing and catching the ball


› Put 2 cones, 10 meters apart, with a player at each cone

› Make a small 'gap' with 2 tall cones in the middle 

1. Pairs pass the ball (with your feet) through the gap to each other

2. You get 1 point every time you get the ball through h

› Focus on accuracy and control, rather than power

Check out the 'Co-operate & Compete Pair stations' PE lesson pack. You’ll be fully equipped with 50 easy to set up stations, with clear instructions on how to run each activity. Get high scores and set new records as pairs work together and against each other!


There are 10 activities for each skill element, for:

‹ You are also provided with a file with all the stations, laid out in a way that you can print out, fold in half and then laminate to last a long time. You can then put the station cards on the wall, or on a cone at the station you setup, so kids know exactly what to do.

PE teaching has never been this easy! These activities are going to help turn your kids into budding sport stars, whilst developing your confidence in teaching amazing PE lessons ›››

Pair stations, Prime coaching PE lesson plan pack, pe physcial education grade 1 kindergarten sport teaching lesson plans how to

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