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Are you ready to boost your physical education to the next level?


Teachers everywhere have now found a way to teach sport skills without the need to plan & stress!


Unlock endless fun and learning with this comprehensive collection of elementary Grade PE lesson plans


Are you a passionate educator striving to make physical education engaging, effective, and enjoyable for your elementary grade students? I know it's not easy, but it's time to look no further!


This collection of PE lesson plans is designed to empower teachers like you with the tools you need to create dynamic, enriching experiences that inspire a lifelong love for fitness and movement.

You'll have all need to teach the fundamentals of physical education without breaking a sweat. 

Take the first step towards elevating your PE program today!

Skill building activities

From mastering fundamental movements to advancing co-ordination and agility, the lesson plans cover a wide range of skills suitable for every level of elementary student.

Exciting drills

Keep your students motivated and challenged with a variety of innovative drills designed to enhance technique, control and co-ordination.

Thrilling team games

Foster teamwork and sportsmanship with an array of engaging team-based activities that promote collaboration and healthy competition

Interactive stations

Create immersive learning environments with our station-based setups, where students can explore different aspects of physical fitness and skill in a fun and interactive way.

So many ideas to choose from...

sport pe lessons sports physical education curriculum game kids games

You'll be prepped with structured lesson plans to get you through the year...after well as 100's of station tasks, circuit activities and more.

There's also tons of different flash cards to print and laminate, so students can work independently at their own pace, how cool is that!

I've also recorded loads of exclusive video content to help your students follow along and understand the correct techniques of the skills...

Teaching PE has never been so easy

"We had no PE curriculum prior to this. Our students have loved learning new and engaging games this year and it has been easy to implement and a blast for them! Super accessible and love the videoes too. Great content."

Lydia O.

What's inside this PE curruculum?


• Kindy-Grade 2 complete lessons

• Kindy-Grade 2 challenges

• Rapid relay races

• Skill stations & activities

• Gymnastics program

• Learn math through sport (grade 2)


• Pairs skill & game stations

• Basketball unit

• Volleyball unit

• Soccer unit

• Gymnastic program

• Team games

• Agility, balance, co-ordination tasks

• Learn math through sport (3+4)

• Sport + multiplication


• Individual equipment challenges

• Fitness circuit cards (vol.1)

• Fitness circuit cards (vol.2)

• Fitness tasks with equipment

• Solo follow along lessons (x7)

• Frisbee skills & games

• Elementary fundamental sport skills

• Learn muscles

• Sport skill cards



If you're here right now it's because of 1 of 2 reasons:


Reason #1 - You need to teach PE. One way or another, it needs to get done, and you need to find a way to make it as engaging as you can.


But maybe you don't have the time to search, prep and plan for clear ideas.


...and you've got no idea where to start...


Reason #2 - Maybe you're like me and you love teaching sport. Your students are keen, and you want to give them the best you can.

You want them to be challenged and inspired, but the traditional way of doing PE just doesn't cut it for you...or for them.


Well. Now the search is over.

You’ll be able to teach coach-grade lessons using the correct technique and coaching cues, to develop your students fundamental abilities for co-ordination, agility, gross-motor movement, reaction time, whilst practicing different soccer, tennis, basketball, hockey skills and more! You’ll also get exclusive access to many demonstrational videos, where I show exactly how to certain skills effectively and safely!

Get access to ALL the curriculum resources NOW. 



($125 value)

($92 value)


($188 value)

Total curriculum value = $405

but you can save $105 and get it all for just $300

includes these packs plus more...

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