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These easy-to-setup stations are fantastic for your class to rotate around through, challenge themselves, set personal records and record their results. Here's 6 station activities to try below, part of the Exploring Stations PE & Sport Skills pack (K-3).

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(click to view the 'Exploring PE Stations' 60 sports skills pack)

  1. Show the 'how to' videos to your class, & set up the stations › explain and go through each station to the class

  2. Print out (optional) the card to put at each station (to help the students remember what to do)

  3. Divide the class into 6 groups (1 group for each station), and put them at a station

  4. Allow 6-8 minutes (or depending on your lesson time) for the kids to practice the skills

  5. Blow the whistle, each group rotates around to the next station

  6. Keep going until everyone has had a go on each station!


› Spread out the hurdles around the area

› Dribble your ball through/underneath as many hurdles as you can, before time runs out

› You get 1 point everytime you get a ball through 

› Use tiny touches with the stick to move the ball


› On one of the benches, space out the bean bags

› Put out the witch hats on the other bench

› Carefully walk across 1st the bench, stepping over the objects, then move onto the 2nd bench

› Put your arms out wide ('aeroplane arms wings') to help you balance


› Mark 2 sidelines about 6 meters apart with cones

› Put the buckets in the middle  

Bounce your ball into the bucket from the cones

› You get 1 point everytime you get it in the bucket 

› Try using your left and right hand to get the ball in


› Mark out a throwing line with the cones

› About 4-5 meters out in front put out the witch hats as targets

Throw or roll your hoop to get it to land over/on a hat

› You get 1 point if you get it on

› Find new ways to throw the hoop


› Everyone finds their own space with a cone and ball

1. Throw your ball up high in the air

2. Catch it in your cone with 1 hand

   › Try to catch it before it hits the ground 

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› Switch hands to catch in the cone with

› Spin around first and then catch

› Throw, touch the ground, then catch

› Bounce the ball then catch it 


› Everyone finds their own space with their ball 

1. Drop the ball, then kick it before it hits the ground

2. Try to catch the ball, or kick it again 

• Bounce › kick › catch

• Knee › catch

• Head › catch

free printable cards for each station

(click to view large & save)

If you and your class had a great time practicing their skills with these challenges, make sure you check out the 'Exploring Stations PE & Sport Skills' pack (K-3) › You'll be fully equipped with 60 stations to work on your students striking, moving, bouncing, throwing & catching, and kicking skills.


You'll also have special access to the online videos for each station! That means teaching PE has never been easier! Simply play the videos to your class (for the stations you choose), set them up in the hall or your field and they're ready to go!

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Prime coaching sport PE skills stations pack

These activities are going to help turn your kids into budding baseball, basketball, tennis, hockey, volleyball, american football and soccer stars in no time!! Impress your principal and other staff members with confidence, working on your pupils' hand-eye co-ordination, balance, agility and fundamental movement skills! 

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