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Everything Physical Education bundle - For Kindergarten to Grade 6 for sport

Everything Physical Education bundle - For Kindergarten to Grade 6 for sport


Unlock endless fun and learning with this comprehensive collection of elementary Grade PE lesson plans


Are you a passionate educator striving to make physical education engaging, effective, and enjoyable for your elementary grade students? Look no further! This collection of PE lesson plans is designed to empower teachers like you with the tools you need to create dynamic, enriching experiences that inspire a lifelong love for fitness and movement.


What’s inside the bundle:

(Grades K-3)

• Kindy-Grade 2 Complete Skills, Kindy-Grade 2 challenges (NEW!), Relay races, Stations & activities, Gymnastic stations, Learn math through sport (Grade 2)


(Grades 3-6)

• Pairs skill & game stations, Basketball unit, Volleyball unit, Soccer unit, Gymnastic stations, Learn math through sport (grade 3 & 4), PE Multiplication task cards (grade 3), Team games, Agility-Balance-Co-ordination Fundamentals


(All grades)

• Individual equipment challenges, Fitness Circuit Station cards (volume 1 & 2), Fitness tasks with equipment, Frisbee skills & games, SOLO task cards + videos, Complete Elementary Fundamental sport skills (NEW!), Learn muscles



• The Components of Physical Fitness, The Fundamental skills in Sport, Warming up in Sport, The basic Locomotion movements



  • Skill-Building Activities: From mastering fundamental movements to advancing coordination and agility, the lesson plans cover a wide range of skills suitable for every level of elementary student.
  • Exciting Drills: Keep your students motivated and challenged with a variety of innovative drills designed to enhance technique, speed, and endurance.
  • Thrilling Team Games: Foster teamwork, sportsmanship, and camaraderie with an array of engaging team-based activities that promote collaboration and healthy competition.
  • Interactive Stations: Create immersive learning environments with our station-based setups, where students can explore different aspects of physical fitness in a fun and interactive way.


Why choose this bundle:

  • Comprehensive curriculum: The lesson plans have been put together to cover the foundational abilities and national physical education standards, ensuring a well-rounded approach to sport education.
  • Teacher-friendly format: The sessions are easy to follow, with clear instructions, equipment lists, and modification options, making it easy for educators to adapt activities to suit their unique classroom needs.
  • Student-centered learning: These ideas prioritize active participation, skill development, and enjoyment, creating a positive learning environment where every child can thrive and the level where they are at


Take the first step towards elevating Your PE program today!

Transform your physical education curriculum with the comprehensive collection of lesson plans and empower your students to lead healthy, active lives. Whether you're a seasoned PE teacher or new to the profession, our resource is your go-to guide for creating meaningful learning experiences that leave a lasting impact.


Don't miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize your PE program. Purchase your bundle today and embark on an enjoyable journey of fun, fitness, and lifelong learning!


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