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PE activities: Agility, Balance, & Co-ordination - Fundamentals for development

PE activities: Agility, Balance, & Co-ordination - Fundamentals for development


› Over 60 Physical Education activities to develop agility, balance & co-ordination in your students – perfect for grade K-4 sport lessons


Why do I need this pack?

This agility, balance & co-ordination (ABC) pack is an awesome tool for any teacher needing dynamic, exciting and energizing ideas to boost their PE lessons. Great to start using any time of year, you’ll be totally prepared to guide your students through the fundamentals abilities needed for physical development:


1. 60+ dynamic ABC focused activities

Using basic sport equipment (various balls, cones, ropes, benches…), students will be working through the assortment of tasks in different ways:

Individual – Exploring on your own with your own equipment
•• Pairs – Working in groups of 2 to complete the challenges
••• Whole class – Using the teacher’s assistance & working in large teams or groups


Each activity has a primary focus on a particular ability (ABC), and allows for exploration and development in that area. Students will be developing:


› Agility: The ability to move all (or part) of your body quickly and easily. It includes quick changes of direction, jumping, hopping, locomotion and reaction

› Balance: The ability to hold your body upright and steady, either while moving or stationary. Control is also needed when using different sports equipment (with benches, balls, cones…)

› Co-ordination: The ability to use different parts of your body together, with or without equipment. It includes moving in theright position to throw, catch, and track with spatial awareness


2. Lessons plans (+ pre-planned 1-hour sessions)

The tasks can be used anywhere from 15 minute energizing activities, to 1-hour sessions that gives the time to really develop their skills.


You can either pick and choose, adapt and plan your own ABC unit using the activities provided, or follow the ready-made lesson plans (6X 1-hour). That means no planning or prepping – so teaching PE has never been easier!


Because of the nature of the activities, you can mix & match and repeat them over and over throughout the year, giving your students the chance to see clear improvement of their abilities - You’ll never run out of session planning ideas.