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Individual PE equipment challenges - Task cards for sport skill development

Individual PE equipment challenges - Task cards for sport skill development


› 42 exciting & challenging printable P.E task cards for individual practice and development of balance, co-ordination, whole-body control, and strength for sport - For elementary grades.


Who is this awesome pack for?

This fun collection of activities is ideal for all elementary-grade teachers to use, as a core part of their P.E program. With minimal setup required, your students will learn to practice at their own pace through these unique ideas.


1. 42 fun, high-quality printable task cards

Simply print out the cards (in A5 or A6) and gather the equipment needed. You can setup the tasks in a circuit format (where students work for 2-3 minutes before rotating round), or even as a fun ‘roulette challenge wheel’ style where they spin a pencil to select a task (clear instructions included to help setup) - All can be done in your gym hall, playground, or out on the field. 


There are 7 types of different equipment you’ll be needing, each with 6 specifically designed activity challenges to complete:


› Hoop

Around the clock • Backspins • Backwards walking • Hoop rolls • Jump turns • Spin & jump in

› Noodle

1 finger balance • Balance beam • End catching • Long jumps • Noodle skips • Side jumps

› High-bounce ball

Bounce through legs • Bounce under legs • Clap & catch • Foot bouncing • Jump catching • Off the wall

› Spot markers

Backward lillipads • Crab turns • Criss-crosses • Long hops • North East South West • Ski hops

› Bean bag

Flick ups • Head balancing • Knee taps • Neck catching • Through the legs • Touch the ground

› Agility ladder

4-step in & out • Frog jumps • Hip twists • Run & jump far • Tip-toe balancing • Wide & narrow

› Exercise ball

Body part balances • Bounce to catch • Hand walk-outs • Knees to chest • Sit & catch • Wall sit


2. Online video demonstration support

Each challenge has an instructional video that you’ll receive exclusive access to (via YouTube). You can also watch these with your students and use them for reference on the iPad throughout the lessons for further clarification - So your students will know exactly what they need to be aiming for!


If they can get hold of the equipment, they can even practice the tasks from home in their backyards!


3. Bonus posters

I’ve also included larger printable posters showing the different tasks they can try for each equipment piece - You can put these up around the gym hall, or even outside on the playground, for the students to challenge themselves during recess! 


This pack will not disappoint, as you’ll be prepped with tons of tasks for your students to develop their balance, co-ordination, whole-body control, and strength for sports.