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Basketball PE lessons - Gym Unit with plans, drills, skills & games - grades 3-6

Basketball PE lessons - Gym Unit with plans, drills, skills & games - grades 3-6


› Over 45 PE Basketball skill ideas, drills, ball work and games, and 6 X weekly pre-planned lessons to develop your classes’ sport skills...The Elementary grades 3-6 Basketball pack has everything you need to teach!


Why do I NEED this Basketball pack?

If you want to take your P.E lessons to the next level, this basketball sports resource is the best place to start. You’ll give your students a fantastic opportunity to develop their basketball and sporting ability – and turn the popular game into an engaging and exciting sport class. You don't need to know it all about basketball, you just need these easy-to-teach, tried and tested lesson ideas:


1. Over 45 of the best basketball plans

You'll be so confident and fully equipped with these amazingly straight-forward to teach activities:

• Warm-up games › Simple games to get your lesson bouncing and on the go

• Ball work plans › Specific skills to work on in pairs

• Drills › Different game situations to progress the skills

• Modified games › Adapted team games using the skills

• Skill stations › Individual skill/task stations to rotate around

• Relays › Competitive (and/or) practice tasks to complete as a team


2. 6 X hour-long lesson plans

There's so much content here for you to pick and choose from, taking away all that stressful planning time for PE! If you need a guide, we've put together 6 structured sessions (put together from the activities) as an example for you to use straight away.


You'll also receive an assessment sheet with the grading rationale - Each skill element is clearly defined with a straightforward grading system. Each ability level is determined by the control of the ball and technical parts of the skill.


››› This pack is PERFECT for you if you want to build your practical knowledge and create an opportunity for your kids to grow and develop in your school gym. All the hard work has been done so you don't have to, and your class will get so excited for their next PE lesson each week.