› A variety of 25 skills, drills and games to practice and develop your students frisbee skills (great for grades K through to 6)


25 specific activities

Have your students practice the basics of the backhand, forehand and other skilled throws. You'll be prepared with a bunch of fun, specialised, and engaging challenges and activities - Students will be able to work through the tasks in different ways:


• Individually

• Pairs/small groups

• Teams & whole class


Simply pick and choose the activities to suit you're lessons - you can incorporate them into circuit stations, relay races, warm-ups, end games, or simply as a great way to practice their throwing and catching!


Make sure you check out the demonstration video HERE, where I go through the correct techniques for the different skills needed.


This resource is FANTASTIC if you're wanting to diversify your activities in PE, or introduce and develop a new sport to your class - The diagrams and instructions are so easy to follow, so it's great especially if you're not familiar with frisbee and need some awesome ideas!

Frisbee Skills & games - fun pack for PE (25 activities for elementary grades)