We know you most probably don’t need to hear again the benefits of physical education (muscle & bone development, social assimilation, confidence, team working and leadership, higher concentration levels, memory, resilience…), but what happens when you don’t know how to organise a solid soccer lesson, with the key teaching cues to get kids ‘inside foot’ passing the ball to their partner? Or when you’ve got 25 kids lined up… waiting… to have a turn wildly swinging a bat at a t-ball stand without any success.

Teach one of these lessons below to your class - after having played a warm up game. Each drill is a great way to really give your students a chance to focus on the particular skills required ›››


› Divide the class into 4-5 groups

› Each group lines up at one end, with a racquet and ball

› On the other side of the net, put out lots of different targets

› One player at a time, teams try to hit the most targets

1. Run up to the net with your racquet and ball

2. Drop the ball for it to bounce, then hit it over the net

3. If you hit a target, go collect it and bring it back to your team

4. Pass the racquet and ball to the next player in your team to go

5. After 5-10 minutes, see which team has hit the most targets

· Teacher can decide how to hit the ball over:

› ‘Donkey drop’ - drop/bounce the ball then step and swing 

›› Overarm serve - throw the ball up in the air and hit it over

››› ‘Spike’ - throw the ball up and hit it over with your hand  


› Divide the class into 3 groups, lined up behind each station: 

    1. 5-6 hurdles (objects to jump over) spaced about 1 meter apart

    2. 3 pairs of cones, with a landing pad ahead of each pair

    3. 4-5 mats spaced about 1 meter apart   

› One at a time from each group, kids jump through the stations

1. Two-foot jump over the hurdles without knocking them over

2. Run up and jump from the cones onto the landing spot

3. Jump from mat to mat, without touching the floor

› When at the end, run back and then the next person goes

› Give the groups 4-5 minutes on the station, then switch

› Use a big swing with both arms

› Bend your knees and push off for power  


› Make a large square with 4 hoops, with a team at each hoop

› Put lots of basketballs (10+) in the middle of the square

1. On “GO”, the first player from each team runs to the balls

2. They pick up a ball then dribble it back to their teams’ hoop

3. Then the next player in the team goes (1 at a time)

4. When all the balls are gone from the middle, rob the nests!

(everyone runs around to steal the other teams’ balls)

5. When time is up, the team with the most balls safe wins

› Choose 2 players to become defenders, who can try to knock

other peoples’ balls away to stop them


› Divide the class into equal groups behind a starting cone

› Put out lots of targets far out in front in the rest of the area ...hoops, pins, witch hats...

1. Teacher calls “FIRE”, and the 1st player in each group throws

2. If you hit a target, run out and pick it up and bring it back

3. Collect your ball, give it to the next person in the line

4. Wait for the teacher to call “FIRE” again for the next thrower

5. Count up to see which team gets the most points

› Put out 2 defenders to be ‘pirates’ who try to stop the incoming balls


› Make a large circle with cones, and put targets in the middle

› Choose 5-7 kids to stand in the middle, the rest on the outside

› The outside kids throw the balls to knock over the targets

› The inside kids try to catch and block the balls that are thrown

› You must throw the ball from the outside of the circle

› When all the targets are knocked over, switch the players up (or after 4-5 minutes)

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› Use different types of throws:                

    - Chest pass - Hold the ball against your chest and push the ball

    - Underarm throw - Point to your target, then step and swing

    - Overarm throw - Step and throw the ball over your head


› Each player in the pair needs a standing marker

› In between them put 2 large cones to make a small ‘gate’

› Kids pass the ball through the gates to their partner (from their cone)

› You get 1 point everytime you pass through the gates 

› Take a step and swing your kicking leg through the ball with the inside part of your foot 

Easier - Make the gates wider | Have kids pass from closer in 

Harder - Make the gates narrower | Have the kids pass from further away

Are you looking for some refreshing activities to run with your students to get them excited for sport? Do you struggle to find new ideas and the correct way to lead your weekly PE lessons? Are you clueless when it comes to teaching Physical Education? Every teacher needs this complete K-2 PE Sport skills & games pack:

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