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Kindergarten to Grade 2 PE Games - Complete Sport Skill and Games Pack

Kindergarten to Grade 2 PE Games - Complete Sport Skill and Games Pack


Over 100 PE group games, activities, skills, drills, and lesson ideas for your K-2's: Develop the fundamental • Striking • Moving • Bouncing • Throwing & Catching • Kicking • skills - great inside your sports hall or out on the field


The TOP SELLING product, the Kindergarten to Grade 2 PE Sport Skills and Games Pack, has been developed after years of elementary teaching around the world, and is great to start at any time during the year!



- Do you struggle to find new ideas and the correct way to run your weekly PE lessons? Are you looking for some refreshing activities to run with your students to get them excited for sport? Are you clueless when it comes to teaching Physical Education?


If you are looking to deliver fun, engaging, EXCITING sport lessons to your kids, but haven't a clue where to start, you've come to the right place! You won't just have games to play, you'll have a complete JAM-PACKED collection of skills, drills, activities, games, and lesson plans - this resource is perfect to start using at any time during the year!


1. Over 100 activities

Now you have EVERYTHING YOU NEED to deliver game-changing sport and work on your students' gross motor, hand-eye, co-ordination and fundamental movement skills.


This pack is great for you if you are looking to deliver lessons for grades K-2. Everything in here is so simple and easy to follow, without the need for searching, planning and scrambling for ideas when teaching PE and sport.


2. Loads of skills included

You will be fully equipped with the ways to teach, the coaching points, skills and drills, set up, progression, gameplay and variations for the following gross motor sport skills:


• Striking – 2-handed, 1-handed, overhead, passing, dribbling & shooting

• Moving – Sprinting, dodging, jumping, balancing, hopping skipping...

• Bouncing – Dribbling, protection, cross-overs, shooting 

• Throwing and catching – Chest & bounce passing, overarm & underarm throwing, catching

• Kicking – Passing, controlling, dribbling, shooting, skills, punting


These 6 sport elements will develop your kids' ability for a range of sports including baseball, american football, basketball, tennis, hockey, volleyball, soccer, handball and much more... All the activities are so simple to follow, you can either go by the sample lesson structure, or simply pick and choose the activities you want to teach.


3. No prep - structured lesson plans

Print and teach lessons - and awesome straight from the IPad/tablet (put it on iBooks, Google Drive or a .PDF reader. It's awesome for all casual, permanent, new and student teachers, PE teachers, and professional development for staff.


4. Assessment

You are also provided with an in-depth assessment rationale and grading sheet, in order to assist in your reports.



Exclusive to this pack, it now comes with:

› 4 printable skill POSTERS perfect for your classroom as A3 or A4

› 18 individual skill CARDS for you and the kids to recap

› 5 "See if you can" individual challenge posters to put up on the playground or hall

› Colouring-in sport pages for a rainy days


What some teachers have said about this pack:

› "A fellow teacher recommended this and I'm so glad she did. Fabulous ideas and easy to implement!"

› "This is amazing and the kids love all of the activities we have done so far!"

› "Never enough K-2 ideas. I always run out of good activities for this age group. Thank you."


This pack is PERFECT for you if you are looking to build your practical knowledge and create an opportunity for your kids to play sport through FUN, CHALLENGING, REWARDING and tried and tested activities.


It's a fantastic, complete unit with so much VALUE in it, and is made by experienced sport coaches and elementary school teachers that can be used term after term, year after year, to develop your students' sporting ability! Share it with your co-workers and boost your school sports program. You also SAVE money by purchasing this complete pack instead of buying each individual skill element pack separately.