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Soccer skills and drills - Printable task cards for PE and sport

Soccer skills and drills - Printable task cards for PE and sport


• 40 individual soccer skill & drill printable task cards for elementary PE (+ videos)


This elementary soccer task cards pack is an awesome addition to be equipped with, to help with your soccer PE lessons. It contains a collection of high-quality task card files with exclusive video demonstrations, for you to use as part of your soccer program...


1. 40 colourful, easy-to-follow PE activity cards

› Simply print out (and laminate) the cards (A4 or A5), and pick & choose a variety of activities to use. You can use the cards as stations to rotate around, or incorporate into relay races, circuits, as warm up activities etc...


- The activities are fantastic to use to help develop your students dribbling, ball control, striking, and individual skills, and are perfectly suited for all grades K through 6...


They can also be printed larger as sports hall posters, or used for reference straight from your iPad/tablet. Each card has uniquely drawn illustrations with clear teaching instructions.


2. Online video demonstration support

You'll be given access to instructional videos for each task (private YouTube videos). You can watch the videos with your students to help them see exactly how to perform the activity effectively with the correct technique.


I know you'll love these task cards as they're such a practical resource tool for any elementary or high school teacher. And just so you know these activities are only 40 tasks out of over 250 unique sport skills, drills and challenges.


I'm always striving to give you more than just the resource itself – You won’t find other soccer cards complete with supporting videos. I aim to provide you with professional sports-coach level resources that are so easy to teach and implement at your school as a teacher