Kindergarten-Grade 3 P.E

Tip & tag warm ups


Whole class activities

 Agility, Balance & Co-ordination

Specific skill stations

Relay races

 Agility ladder movements

At the K-3 grade range, it's important to familiarise your students with as many different movements and skills as possible. You can use a wide range of equipment to cover the abilities:

(baseball, tennis, hockey, volleyball)

› 2-handed, 1-handed, overhead, passing, dribbling & shooting...

(athletics, gymnastics, fitness)

› Sprinting, dodging, jumping, balancing, hopping skipping…


› Dribbling, protection, cross-overs, layups, shooting...

(American football, handball, netball…)

› Chest & bounce passing, overarm & underarm throwing, catching...

(soccer/football, netball…)

› Passing, controlling, dribbling, shooting, skills, punting...

Below you can check out some skills, games, activities, races, stations and warm up games to try with your kids. Click on a pack to view the lesson ideas ›››

Agility, Balance & Co-ordination

6 dynamic tasks to get your students developing their fundamental ABC physical skills

Whole class activities

Whole-class activities with some teaching cues you need to run a smooth lesson with your students

6 fun and engaging Tip & Tag games to get your kids running, dodging and jumping around and EXCITED for PE!

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Some fantastic individual skill stations for your students to rotate around through, challenge themselves & set personal records

Split your class into 4-5 equal teams and have your kids complete in these thrilling relay variations (with 'how-to' videos)

Agility ladder movements

Here's 9 sport ladder patterns to help with speed, footwork & co-ordination for different sport movements - They're great to include as warm ups, fitness lessons, circuits or relays... 

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