Here are 6 challenge ideas for you to use in your next gym lesson using simple equipment that should be available at your school. Split your class up into equal teams, maybe in their house groups or school colours, and have them complete against each other with these exciting relay skill challenges. You can watch and play the videos to your class, demonstrating exactly what needs to be done. 

These activities are part of the 25 K-3 Relays Races sports skills pack, a must have for every elementary teacher! You'll also have access to the 'how to' video for each variation 

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I've given you a quick rundown for reach activity › The first team to have each player complete the activity (one at a time) then all sit down wins: 

  1. Split the class into 4 or 5 equal teams, then set up the relay race for each team

  2. Each group sits behind a starting cone at the start

  3. On “GO”, 1 person at a time from each group completes the task then comes back

  4. The next person in the group then goes…keep going until everyone has had a go

  5. The first group to all have completed the task wins


1. Make a tunnel path with cones, leading up to a wall that is 3-4 meters away

2. Put 3 targets against the wall

1. Dribble the ball as fast as you an straight through to the end of the tunnel then stop it

2. Strike the ball to try to knockdown a target (1 attempt)

3. Then dribble the ball back

    › The first team to knockdown all the targets wins

› Hold the stick with 2 hands and keep the ball in front of you

› Use small touches to control the ball

› Don’t let the ball roll out of the tunnel


› Make a spread out zig-zag line with 5 witch hats

› Put a hoop out at the end with a bean bag in for each player 

1. The 1st players start ready in the sprint position 

2. Run up to and touch the 1st witch hat cone...then touch the 2nd, then 3rd...keep going all the way up to the     last witch hat 

3. Run to the hoop, pick up 1 bean bag, then run back

4. When you get back to the start, then next person can go

5. The first team to all get their bean bags back wins 

› Instead of running, players:

   - Hop on 1 leg, changing legs at each cone

   - Run backwards

   - Carry the bean bag back on their head or between their legs


› Put out a straight line of cones leading up to a net/hoop (space the cones about 2m apart from each other)

1. Dribble the ball in and out of the cones up to the last cone

2. Have 2 goes shooting the ball into the hoop, then come back

    › the first team to all shoot their 2 shots and dribble back wins

- OR -

    › the first team to score 5 points wins

› Dribble the ball with 1 hand, using your fingertips to bounce

› Try to keep your head up when you are dribbling in and out

› Take a big step and push the ball high when shooting


1. Put the bean bags in a hoop in front of the team

2. Then put a cone ahead with a hoop 2-3 meters in front of it 

1. Run to the 1st hoop and pick up a bean bag

2. Then run to the next cone and try to throw it into the hoop

    › You get 3 chances/throws to get it in

    › You must throw from the cone, not nearer

3. Run back and high-5 the next player in your team to go

• Point to your target with non-throwing hand, and:

    › Underarm - step and swing your arm to throw

    › Overarm - step and throw the bean bag over your head 


1. Put out 2 cones ahead of each other, each with a ball on top

2. Put a hoop at the end of the line, also with a ball in it

1. Run to the 1st cone, pick up the ball, throw it in the air and clap 3 times, then catch the ball and put it back on the cone

2. Then do the same at the 2nd cone, then run to the hoop

3. At the hoop, throw the ball as high as you can and catch it

4. Make sure all the balls are back in their spot, then run back

› Keep your eyes on the ball when you throw and catch

› Move your hands underneath the ball when catching


1. Put a witch hat out 5-7 meters in front of the group

2. Then put an end cone out another 5 meters after

1. Dribble the ball up to the witch hat and dribble around it once

2. Then dribble up to and around the end cone and turn around

3. Dribble back to, and around the witch hat then back to start

4. Pass the ball to the next player in the team to go 

› Use small touches to keep the ball close to you with control

› Try to use both your left and right foot, not just the same one

› Keep your head up when you can, to see where you are going 

If you and your students enjoyed these simple yet competitive ideas, check out the collection of 25 awesome relay race variations to play, great any time of year for grades K-3 ›››

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