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with Coach Danny

Are you an Elementary teacher? Are some of your kids busting to bounce a ball, eager to leap over some obstacles or raring to boot a soccer ball over the playground fence? If P.E really isn't your favourite subject to take, I'm here to help you along the way...

I cover the fundamental gross-motor skills through different sports, to help you get your kids on their way to becoming super sport stars! 


"Teaching Physical Education has never been so easy"

Discover all the best resources and teaching ideas so you'll always have that perfect sport lesson waiting for your students ›››

Grade K-3

Get your kids learning the fundamentals of striking, moving, bouncing, throwing & catching, and kicking - Practicing individually is a great way to explore using the different sporting equipment.

Grades 3-6

Your students begin to improve their key skills through more sport-specific activities and team games, whilst developing co-operation, confidence and team work through fun and challenging drills.

How-to-teach videos

Watch my online videos, explaining the key points for you and your students, so they'll know exactly what to focus on and the skills and drills look like - You can show them before you go to the sports hall. 

I've also put together some awesome complete lesson plans for you to download, check out the range here,  (or take a peek at some below)