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Welcome to my new follow-along PE lesson series:  Super Sport Star Sessions

I've recorded collection of 10 high-quality video lessons for your grades 2-6 class to practice and develop their sport skills in real-time with me, Coach Danny. Watch the introduction video below ›››

Your students will be working individually in the sports hall with their own equipment, as we work through the fundamental skills needed for different sports like basketball, tennis, soccer, and volleyball. They’ll also be developing locomotion, hand-eye co-ordination, reaction-time and more, through various challenges, tasks and drills. The idea is to play the videos via projector onto a wall at one end of the gymnasium.

The lessons vary from 25-35 minutes (and can be easily adapted to be shorter or longer), and are structured with a warm-up, main activities, and stretching & cool down. As we work through the tasks, I'm also educating your students about the different bones, muscles and mechanics involved, so it's an awesome and new way to deliver physical education with your school.

There's 2 types of sessions to choose from:

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These sessions focus on the technique needed for particular sports skills. At the end of each lesson there are some questions to check for understanding (answers given during the session!)

pe physical education sport lessons teaching resources games skills drills

These sessions are setup so students rotate through 3 different equipment objects, practicing a different variation each time for around 90 seconds 

For each lesson you'll also get an overview/plan, which can be printed out or followed along with on the iPad...

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Here's an example of a session below ›››

  • 75$
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So you can purchase the entire course now for $75 (USD), where you can download all the high-quality video files and session overviews, for you to use on the projector in the sports hall anytime of the year!